A Brief History of the FORGE

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  •  2009 January: Beginning to Stand on grounds of BCW (seeding)

  •  2010 January: Two more years (germinating)

  •  2010 December: Received word and dream (rooting)

  •  2011 January: Trip to Israel (sprouting)

  •  2011 March: Attending ECI in Brussells (confirming)

  •  2011 April: The FORGE meeting started (exploring)

  •  2011 August: Trip to Israel with a Korean team (encouraging)

  •  2011 October: Trip to Israel, the Feast of Tabernacles (standing)

  •  2011 November: 3 Day Prayer & Fasting for Israel in England (expanding)

  •  2012 July: Held a National Day of Prayer
  •  2012 December: Two week long 'The Forge School of Faith' started
  •  2012. March 31 - "Go back to the beginning!" at Penllergaer
  •  2012. April 1 - "Place all on the altar!" at Blue Room at BCW
  •  2013 April 19 - May 17: The Forge School of Faith 2 in Wales & the Middle East
  •  2013 October 5 - November 5: The Forge School of Faith 3 in Wlaes & the Middle East
  •  2013 December - 2014 February: The Youth Forge School of Faith in Wales
  •  2014 March - April: The Forge School of Faith 4 in Wales & the Middle East
  •  2014 April 17: "Find a 7 bedroom house. I will support you!" from F & J
  •  2014 April 20: "What do you need?" "Let's buy the house!" from J
  •  2014 June 30: Moved out from our old house and moved in a new 7 bedroom house
  •  2014 September 30: The 7 bedroom house purchase completed
  •  2014 September - October: The Forge School of Faith 5 in Wales & the Middle East
  •  2015 January 10 - February 9: The mini Forge School of Faith in Wales & the Middle East
  •  2015 April 20 - May 5: The Forge School of Faith 6 in Wales & the Middle East


 A Brief History of BCW (Bible College of Wales)

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  • 1924 – BCW was founded by Rees Howells
  • 1950 – BCW was taken over by Samuel Howells
  • 2002 – BCW was taken over by Alan Scotland
  • 2006 – Glynderwen House (the first property Rees Howells bought) was closed down and sold.
  • 2009 – BCW site was closed down and the college became Trinity School of Theology (TST) and moved to Rugby in England. Also ‘Rees Howells Trust’ became ‘Global Horizons Trust’.

  • 2012 - BCW Derwen Fawr site is purchased by Cornerstone Church from Singapore on 21st December.
  • 2013 - Renovation and reconstruction started by Cornerstone Church
  • 2013 - Weekly Prayer and Intercession started on Tuesday at Derwen Fawr
  • 2013 - Liberty church meeting started
  • 2015 May - Bible College of Wales Rededication Ceremony
  • 2015 September - Bible School will be run


Current Status of BCW Sites

Swansea Community Church, which had been using some of the buildings on the Bible College's Derwen Fawr site, is no longer using the conference hall as a meeting place, because Cornerstone Church from Singapore completed the purchase of the Derwen Fawr site on Friday 21st December 2012. But the other site, Sketty Isaf is still on the market.


 Why was BCW closed down?
The primary reason for the closure was financial viability. The site has become too expensive to maintain and run, and was no longer viable in its existing use. The core facilities have now relocated to alternative premises in Rugby which are much more centrally located for access from students across the country and worldwide.” (quoted from the Local Development Application made by Global Horizons Trust and King Sturge for the BCW sites)

Closing down BCW and transferring the inheritance

For the reasons stated above, the decision was taken to close down the BCW sites, transfer the students and staff to Rugby and form the Trinity School of Theology. This college and other projects are now run by the Global Horizons Trust. Their intention is to use funds from the sale and re-development of the land to invest in projects around the world.

s been on the market since TST was inaugurated in Rugby and a property developer, King Sturge, and Global Horizons Trust have agreed to develop the BCW ground as a residential area containing 40 new houses. Now a Local Development Plan Candidate Site Notice has been placed at the BCW front gate by Swansea Council. Copies of the application with all relevant details are available on request